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Some of the lighting & effects we can provide include:
• Décor Lighting
• Uplighting
• Dance Floor Lighting
• Intelligent Fixtures (Scanners & Moving Heads)
• Club & Party Lights
• Lasers
• Pin Spotting
• Screen & Projector Systems
• Custom-Designed Gobos (logo or initials)
• Par Can (Stage Lights)
• Fog, Hazers & Dry Ice

Décor Uplighting

Uplighting or decor lighting  is the latest  trend in event decorating. Over 85% of our clients book uplighting for their event.  This will transform the room of your event into a whole new realm. It's amazing what uplighting can do a room!  As the sun sets the uplighting takes over the room and causes a mood changing effect. Photographers also love this as it adds colors to your event photos.

Uplighting can be booked with or without DJ Services. We use the latest, brightest and best quality professional led lighting fixtures which offer vibrant colors without taking up a lot of space. Our lights allow us to create almost any color.  We will be happy to meet with you so you can pick the color you would like. 

Customized Uplighting

Controlled allowing the room to change color at different times of the event

Outdoor Uplighting where we light the exterior of your reception venue or outdoor patio area in your wedding color

Ice Sculpture Lighting & Cake Uplighting   

Custom Monogram & Gobo

Many clients are looking for a little extra something! That minor touch, that can have a major impact. The use of a couple’s name, or initials in a gobo, can easily add an element of class to a function space. Each and every design is custom made for that event, and pre-approved by the bride and groom before the party.  The flexibility of a gobo allows us to enhance an otherwise already empty space. It could be the dance floor, the ceiling, or even a wall.

 Dancing On A Cloud

 An incredible effect for a first dance creating some of the best memories one could ever have for their wedding.  Great photographers and videographers can capture this amazing feature on your special dances!

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