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If a disc jockey just plays music for a dance, then what happens to the party when dancing is not the focus? Your family reunion, Bar/Bat mitzvah, Sweet 16 or Class graduation party may not focus on dancing at all. This time, your DJ needs to help with the organization of the games!

Depending on the age group and number of people who show up, plan that half of your small group or a quarter of your large crowd will participate in each game. Also plan no less than 20 minutes for each game. Some will last longer, others not as long, but this benchmark will make transitioning from one game to another much smoother. You'll also need to decide if your party is an olympics of game playing, or a variety of games, dancing and conversation.  Always make a schedule of events before deciding on a final arrangement of playtime and be sure your Master of Ceremonies is aware of the plan you have for the evening.

Ice Breakers

 Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up

 Famous Amos

 Gossip / Phone Call

 Human Puzzle

 Bubble Wrap

 Conga Line



 Air Guitar Contest

 Balloon Stuffing

 Hula Hoop Contest

 Limbo Contest  (Electric Limbo)

 Musical Chairs/Scavenger Hunt

 Mummy Wrap

 Buddy Walkers

 Hoop Pass

 Freeze Dance

 Groups and Number Dance

 Runt Bicycles

The Soda Race (Coke, Pepsi, 7Up)

 Teams of twos

 Lots of open area

 Great for parents, kids and team building

 Two lines, one on each side of the room

 Team members must be opposite each other

 One side is Coke and the other side is Pepsi (both sides run when 7Up is called by the DJ)

 When each type of soda is called, that side runs to the middle of the room, touches the floor, then returns back to the starting  point  

 On 7Up, both touch the floor in the middle and then run on to the other side

 Last in line is eliminated

Famous Amos

 Prepare index cards with a famous person's name on it

 As each person arrives, tape the index card to their back.

 Each person must guess who they are.

 You must ask each person one yes or no question during the night about who they are.

 Each person must offer one fact to each person that they speak to about who they think they are.



 The classic game of mistaken memory.

 This can be played in a circle as a he said, she said pass it on game or by watching six or more   people try to make it through to the end.

 Have your assistant give the participant's comic ideas that reflect parts of the story.

 Take six to eight people out of the room.

 Tell the rest of the people that you will be telling a story to the first person and that they will be   required to repeat the story to the next person.

 Bring in the first person and tell them the story.

 For added laughs, have you assistant tell the last person the correct story so that they can correct   the next-to-last person's mistakes

Air Guitar Contest

 Blow up guitars, sax or other instruments

 Two to five pre-selected songs for each type of instrument contest

 Three to five sets of index cards pre-numbered five through ten (no low numbers here)

 Lots of nimble fingers

 Pre-select two to five serious guitar solos.

 Assemble three to five judges.

 Give each judge 5 index cards numbered 5 to 10.

 Line up all contestants and start the music!

 Judges hold up ranking cards when the host holds a hand over the participant's head.

 Hold semi-final and finals with increasing prize levels if you have many contestants!

Lip Synch Contest

 Ten to fifteen pre-selected songs from current Top 40 list.

 Open season for adult songs.

 One index card per song.

 Each group must put their names on the index card that has the song they will be performing.

 Groups are judged on how well they can dance and sing to the group.

Hula Hoop Contest

In a circle everyone tries various methods of keeping the hoop spinning. Each person has 10 seconds to get the hoop going, then judge who was the best!

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