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Our Sweet 16 party planners help you throw the best Sweet 16 party to honor your deserving young woman. Your daughter and her friends will have a blast with our Sweet 16 DJ parties as our packages include all the latest trends in music, lighting, interactive games and fun!

We fully produce each party customized to your daughter’s preferences, interests, and desires. We work with you to create a complete Sweet 16 party package.

Our staff has more 10 years of actual nightclub lighting design, DJ, and event entertainment experience.
We work with you to give your daughter the best Sweet 16 memories!

We have our own experienced DJ and party staff who work every party we do and know how to make it fun for the teens and less stressful for the parents.

Our Sweet Sixteen DJ services are unique in that every Sweet 16 party is customized for the Sweet 16 girl and her family and friends. You choose the music, colors of lighting, party theme and entertainment. We even can provide a temporary airbrush tattoo artist.


The Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony is performed as a "highlight" of the party. The birthday girl chooses 16 people or groups of people who are special to assist in lighting each of the 16 candles. Prior to the lighting a brief verse is read on why they are special. Once they are called up to light the candle a related song is played.

We are experienced with this special occasion. Not all DJ's offer this unique ceremony. We pride ourselves with offering coordinated music with each candle lighting and assistance to the birthday girl from start to finish! We offer free consultation and instructional planning on this event so that no detail is left out.   Each of the 16 candles holds a special meaning.  The first candle is for the girl's/boy's parents.  The second candle is for the god parents.  The third candle is for the siblings. (If there are no siblings, then this candle can represent the grandparents.)  Candles 4, 5, 6, and 7 are for the rest of the family members.  Candles 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are for friends.
Candle 15 is for the girl's/boy's best friend or friends. The 16th candle is for the boyfriend or a very close male/female friend. Some add a 17th candle which represents good luck.

Shoe ceremony
Shoe Ceremony

The shoe ceremony is common at sweet sixteen parties. In this ceremony, the birthday girl sits down in a chair while her grandfather, uncle, godfather, or father approaches her with high heels on a decorative pillow. The girl would traditionally be wearing flat shoes, such as slippers, and the father ceremoniously helps her into her new high heels. This is symbolic of the girl transitioning into a woman.

Tiara ceremony
This ceremony is similar to the shoe ceremony, except the mother approaches with a tiara instead of shoes. She places it on her daughter's head to symbolize her becoming a woman. Sometimes this is combined with the shoe ceremony, so that two people approach the birthday girl, one with a pillow with high heels, and the other with a pillow & tiara.

Father-daughter dance
The girl and her father dance to a slow-jazz or traditional song while everyone sits and watches. This is mainly the first song of the night.
In cases where the boy is celebrating, the sexes are simply switched as he dances with his mother.

Video Montage (Slide Show)
At most Sweet Sixteens, a DJ often brings along a large projection screen and projector to show a video montage set to music of the birthday girl containing pictures starting from when she was a baby and getting older, usually ending with pictures of her in her sweet sixteen wear. This is either made by the DJ with photos provided from the family of the birthday girl, by the parents, or by a sibling. The guests can either sit down and watch this montage, or it could be playing in the background while the guests dance.

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Event Lighting -  A Nightclub Experience

Event lighting creates a nightclub setting in a Sweet 16 party venue.  Our designers create plans for your Sweet 16 party with the options you choose,

Our staff arrives at the party room early in the day to setup all of your selected party lighting options. After setup, the team turns off all the venue’s existing lights and test to ensure that your Sweet 16 party lighting is perfect. Because we rely only on our lighting design for event lighting, we control all of the lighting. So no matter the options you chose, our professional grade lighting sets the perfect mood and ensures that spotlights stand out, wall lighting is bright, and each area of the party venue is special.

You select colors and the “feel” you want the room to have. We make it happen for you. Our event lighting designer will turn your ideas into reality. See the picture below to see how we positioned lighting and used colors with custom name-in-lights or letter options




































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Request Us To Call You About Your Sweet 16 Lighting

Fully Customized Event Lighting - Totally transform your Sweet 16 party venue into your personal nightclub. You select colors and the
“feel” you want the room to have. We make it happen for you. Our event lighting designer will turn your ideas into reality. See the picture
below to see how we positioned lighting and used colors with custom name-in-lights options at Russo’s On The Bay.

3D Professional Laser Shows - Super Sweet Sixteens is the ONLY Sweet 16 DJ company that can offer a high-power nightclub 3-D laser. Our laser show
outperforms other DJ companies’ options because it is a professional laser set-up that you need a license to build and operate. Our laser show event
lighting option is the most impressive lighting that you can include in your event. Laser color options include blue, green, and rainbow.

Themed Lighting - Another Sweet 16 party lighting exclusive from Super Sweet Sixteens is our custom themed
lighting. The picture below shows a Juicy Couture theme. We are the only Long Island DJ company to offer this
option because we have a special computer program with gobo tool to make these special effects.

Lounge Lighting - Engage your guests in the Sweet 16 party atmosphere from the moment they walk into the room just like in the photo below.
Our lighting designers change the Sweet 16 party lighting throughout the night to enhance the mood of the party and ensure that special moments
like the grand entrance, father-daughter dance, and Sweet 16 candle ceremony are highlighted.

Room Transformations - Choose any hall or event space and our professional lighting designers transform it into your own personal nightclub.
The below photo is a hotel lobby in which LED uplighting, drapery lighting, and moving light heads fill in the open spots between the pillars. We
encourage our clients to choose plain halls that are cost effective and let us transform the room an amazing Sweet 16 party venue.

Event Spotlighting - Our event spotlighting will make you the center of attention for a special grand entrance, father-daughter dance, and Sweet 16
candle lighting ceremony. Having a lighting operator at your party the whole night ensures that any other time you want a particular person or group to
be the focus of your party guests, it can be done. Our lighting designer uses high-power spotlights for a professional and polished look.

LED Uplighting - Sweet 16 party lighting options include LED uplighting that can turn all the walls into your choice
of color and even change colors throughout the night. Our LED uplighting glow gives you total control of the mood
of your Sweet 16 party. Below is an example of a Sweet 16 party at Verdi’s of Westbury in Long Island.

Name In Lights - What is a Sweet 16 party about? The girl! Our Sweet 16 party lighting options include fully customizable “name in
lights”. Choose any font, style, theme, or color for our lighting designer to create just for you. Only your own imagination limits what we
can make. Choose from snowflakes, awards, hearts, peace signs, or any other shapes or graphics you want to go with your name.
The below “name in lights” used bubble-style letters with stars and masks to complement the masquerade theme.

Super Sweet Sixteens - Sweet 16 DJ Parties & Planning For Long Island, NY, NJ & CT
Address : 58 Thorne Avenue - Massapequa - NY 11758 Email : Parties@SuperSweetSixteens.com

Our Sweet 16 party lighting options are all professionally designed and installed event lighting. Our DJs and lighting designers have real NYC and Miami
nightclub experience and fully understand how to set the mood in your Sweet 16 venue in Long Island, NYC, NJ, or CT. Customize your Sweet 16 party
lighting to transform your venue with a high-power color 3D laser show, themed lighting, uplighting, event spotlighting, and even your Sweet 16 girl’s name
in lights. We use our party lighting to make the room look exactly what you picture in your head. Our designers bring your ideas to life by customizing lighting
colors, positioning, shapes, and spotlighting to impress your Sweet 16 party guests. Read more about our Sweet 16 party lighting options below.

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